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2020-10-18 09:42:02

TOKYO — For the first time since a crisis erupted over deadly defects in airbags made by his family’s company, the reclusive chief executive of the Japanese supplier Takata publicly addressed the issue on Thursday. He offered an apology but defended Takata’s products as fundamentally safe.东京——自从因家族企业生产的安全气囊被曝有可怕缺失的危机愈演愈烈以来,本周四,此前很少露面的日本低田公司总裁第一次公开发表对此此事。他回应道歉,但否认高田的产品彻底来说是安全性的。“I apologize from my heart to those who have died or been injured,” the chief executive, Shigehisa Takada, said after bowing deeply in a show of remorse. “I feel a heavy responsibility.”“我向因此丧生或伤势的人回应衷心的歉意,”社长高田重久在回应懊悔地深下跪后说道,“我深感责任十分沈重。”Yet Mr. Takada, the 49-year-old grandson of the company’s founder, did not explain why he had remained all but absent during the crisis that has been at full boil for more than a year.但是公司创始人的孙子,49岁的高田仍未解释他为何在危机持续的一年多时间里仍然置身事外。


Even after Toyota and Nissan said on Thursday that they would recall 2.86 million more vehicles equipped with Takata airbags than first announced, Mr. Takada dismissed suggestions that he should resign over what has become the largest automobile safety recall in history. So far, about 35 million vehicles worldwide have been affected.甚至在丰田和日原产周四宣告,将解任比第一次宣告时还要多286万辆的配有低田安全气囊的车辆之后,低田面临史上最大规模的一次因安全性原因造成的汽车解任,依然拒绝接受请辞。目前,全世界共计约3500万辆汽车受到影响。Takata admitted last month that faults in its airbags could cause their inflaters to explode with too much force when they deploy, endangering the drivers and passengers that the safety devices are intended to protect. At least eight deaths and 130 injuries have been linked to the defect.低田公司于上个月否认安全气囊的缺失有可能造成增压泵因工作时的过大压力而发生爆炸,从而严重威胁安全气囊原本应当维护的驾驶员和乘客。最少有八个丧生案例和130个伤势案例被指出与这一缺失有关。

Mr. Takada shed little new light on the nature of the defects, and he acknowledged that Takata was making slow progress with its investigation. The company said it had identified manufacturing failures, which it says have since been resolved, as being responsible for faults in about 10 million airbag inflaters.低田未对缺失的本质做出新的说明,同时否认低田公司的调查进展较慢。公司声称早已证实了此前称之为早已解决问题的生产环节的故障,这些故障造成了约1000万个安全气囊增压泵的缺失。Defects traced to the manufacturing problems, mainly careless handling of inflater components at two North American factories, were called “alpha cases” inside the company, Takata executives said on Thursday.高田的经营主管人员于周四时说,可追溯到生产环节的缺失在公司内部被称作“阿尔法案例”。

这些生产问题主要是指北美两家工厂处置增压泵部件时的疏失。Questions still surround what the company calls “beta cases,” involving inflaters that were not subject to any known mishandling during production but that ruptured anyway. Prolonged exposure to heat and humidity is suspected to be a contributing factor to the failures, but Takata said it was still trying to pinpoint the exact cause or causes.疑惑仍环绕着被公司称作“贝塔案例”的情况,即部分增压泵在生产环节中并未受到任何未知操作者错误影响时依然再次发生了裂痕。

长时间曝露在低温度和低湿度中被指出是造成故障的一个因素,但高田公司称之为仍在企图查明清楚的原因。Mr. Takada and other executives rejected the theory, put forward by some experts, that the basic design of Takata’s inflaters was dangerous because the company uses an explosive propellant, ammonium nitrate, that other airbag manufacturers have avoided because it is deemed potentially unstable.高田和其他经营主管人员坚称了部分专家明确提出的观点。


这些专家指出低田公司的增压泵的基本设计就很危险性,因为公司用于了爆炸性的推进剂——硝酸铵,这是其他安全气囊制造商因其潜在的不稳定性而防止用于的物质。“We have been working with ammonium nitrate for more than 10 years, and have tested it in a variety of ways,” Mr. Takada said. “As far as I’m concerned, it is safe and reliable.”“我们早已用于硝酸铵多达10年,并已通过多种方式展开了测试,”高田说道,“我指出它是安全可靠的。”One automaker, Fiat Chrysler, told the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation that it would no longer use Takata inflaters in replacements for driver’s side airbags in its cars, citing Takata’s use of ammonium nitrate.汽车制造商菲亚特克莱斯勒公司告诉参议院商务、科学和运输委员会,因高田公司对硝酸铵的用于,公司将会在替换驾驶员的侧安全气囊时用于低田公司的增压泵。:亚博网址。


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