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    We use it to seek truth and find direction to help our clients. Tarot, Oracle, Pendulum and runes give insight to what is approaching.
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    We use potions, tinctures, oils, teas, Infusions and Baths to treat many common illnesses along with spells designed to assist the body in its healing process. (Spells and remedies not intended to replace a doctor)
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    Spells of this nature can attract a potential lover, even a soul mate.
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    These spells attract money. They can give us power and motivation needed to go after that pot of gold or pie in the sky.
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    Psychic Abilities
    We use these spells to gain a power of a specific nature.
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    This is used to rid oneself of undesirable things which are in our lives. This could include bad habits, illness, excessive weight, and pests. (which could include people)
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    This type of working is darker and should be taken on carefully. It involves using power to stop someone from doing what you do not want them to do.
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    The cleansing of an area, object or person from undesirable spiritual energy, which could be an entity or simply residue left over from a negative person or situation.
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